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April/May 2007

Tides of Extinction

February 2007

Here and There

March 2007

A Closer Look at Cotton and Sugar

December 06/January 2007

The New Face of Terrorism Could Be Yours


November 2006

Who's Behind the Meal?

May 2006

Talkng Trash

October 2006

Milking Us Gently?
Continuing the Debate on Humane Meat

April 2006

Food For Thought: Organic, Locally Grown, and Why Our Food Choices Matter

September 2006

Killing Us Softly?
Debating Humane Meat

March 2006

NYC: People and Places

August 2006

Vegan Myth-Busters

February 2006

The Chicken Issue

June/July 2006

Extraordinary Stories
Living with AIDS in Africa, Darfur Rebel Walks Out for Peace, Child Soldiers, Punk Rocker Ian MacKaye, and much, much more!

December 05/January 2006

Searching for Peace


November 2005

Katrina's Left Behind and Forgotten

May 2005

Art and Activism

October 2005

Rights and Wrongs

April 2005

Activism at Work

September 2005

The New Taste of Vegan

March 2005

Who's Your Dinner?

August 2005

Urban Critters!

February 2005

Warming Up!

June/July 2005

United We Stand... For the Animals

January 2005

Wonder Women


November/December 2004

A Celebration of Sanctuaries

May 2004

Satya's 10 Year Anniversary: A Decade of Articles, Interview and Opinions.

October 2004

Vote! We don't want war!

April 2004

A Steady Diet of Violence Vol. 2

September 2004

What Activists are Doing About the Election—and Beyond

March 2004

Violence and Activism Vol. 1

August 2004

A Summer Potluck

January/February 2004

Companion Animals

June/July 2004

Captive Nature: an Artist, a Filmmaker, and a Bunch of Tree-Huggers


November/December 2003

Wine and Beer

May 2003

Rabble Rousers: Political Artists

October 2003

Rebel Spirits

April 2003

A Taste of India

September 2003

Lives and Resources Threatened in Africa

March 2003

Peace Power: Nobel Laureates Fight for Justice

August 2003

The Movie Issue

February 2003

Fashion with Compassion

June/July 2003

Give Peace a Chance- In Your Own Life!

January 2003

The New Face of Slavery


November 2002

Local Heroes

May 2002

The Butterfly Effect
October 2002

Get Political
April 2002

Our Daily Poison
September 2002

Reaching Out: Activists Build Bridges
March 2002

Good for You!
August 2002

Video Activism
February 2002

Sweet Stuff: Decadent Vegan Desserts
June/July 2002

What's so Bad About World Domination?
December 2001- January 2002

Looking for Truth: Alternative Media Sources
November 2001

A Time to Heal
May 2001

Well Being
October 2001

Where Do We Go From Here?
April 2001

Water: Groundwater at Risk?, Saving Water, Fluoridation Folly

September 2001

Do it Yourself: Activists Step Out of the Box
March 2001

Contentious Issues

July/August 2001

Burn Out
February 2001

To the Rescue!

June 2001

Connecting to Our Food
January 2001

Concerns of Global Magnitude

November/December 2000

And Justice for All: Voices Struggling for Change

June 2000

Summer Issue: Widening the Circles of Advocacy

October 2000

Politics: This Election's Imact on Animal Rights, Environmentalism and Social Justice

May 2000

Animals, Advocacy and the Law

September 2000

Before You Take Another Bite... Consumption and its Consequences

April 2000

Earth Rights

August 2000

Eddie Lama is The Witness
March 2000

AIDS: An Epidemic Evolves
July 2000

The Debate Over Zoos
  February 2000

Advocacy, Humor, and Anger: Satya's Reader Responses


December 1999/ January 2000

2020 Vision

June 1999

"At Home" With Artist Sue Coe

November 1999

Gardening At Night

May 1999

Blood on the Tracks

October 1999


April 1999

Seeing Red

September 1999

The Book Issue

March 1999

The Gene Genies

August 1999

Back To Nature

February 1999

Art and Advocacy

July 1999


January 1999

The Latin American Struggle


December 1998

On Religion and Ecology

May 1998

October 1998

Remembering Henry Spira
April 1998

Silence of the Labs
September 1998

Book Review Issue
March 1998

Vegetarian Dating

July 1998

The Middle East

February 1998

June 1998

Vegetarian and Vegan Kids!

January 1998


December 1997

May 1997

Animals and the Law

November 1997

The Fur Industry

April 1997

Rebels, Radicals and Revolutionaries
October 1997

The Sustainable States
March 1997

Altered States: Biotechnology and Xenotransplantation
September 1997

The Book Review Issue
February 1997

Take Me Away!
July 1997

Summer in the City
January 1997

June 1997

Save the Planet... Again?
December 1996

The Ties that Bind

June 1996

Sue Coe's Dead Meat

November 1996

Reviewing Nature

May 1996

Fresh Kills Landfill

October 1996

The Politics Issue

April 1996

Dick Gregory

September 1996

Looks that Don't Kill

March 1996

AIDS and Primates

August 1996

What, No Meat? A Feast of Fabulous Fakery

February 1996

God and Gaia

July 1996

Bike Culture

January 1996

Best of New York City


December 1995

Living Among Meateaters

May 1995

Interview with Shelton Walden

October 1995

Are Vaccines Safe?

April 1995

Poultry Processing Plants

September 1995

Ahimsa with Attitude: Inteview with Maneka Gandhi

March 1995

Disappearing Act: The Future of the Endangered Species Act

July 1995

The Dirt on Soap

February 1995

A Fast for a Humane Planet

June 1995

Car Culture and the Language of Subtraction


December 1994

Maasai, Wildebeest and Wheat

August 1994

Community Gardens

November 1994

Interview with a Jain Priest

July 1994

Whole Foods, Big Picture

September 1994

The Carriage Horse Industry

June 1994

Premier Issue