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June/July 2007
Final Issue

On the Cover: Daisy Bouquet. Photo © CORBIS

By Catherine Clyne

Letter from the Publisher
By Beth Gould


In Its End, a Beginning
By Martin Rowe

My True Love
By Julie Hughes

In the Line of Fire
The Satya Interview with Malalai Joya

Of Pen and Paper
By Kymberlie Adams Matthews

A Tale of Two Storytellers
The Satya Interview with Ishmael Beah and Laura Simms

Where The Bling Comes From
The Satya Interview with Raquel Cepeda

An Anomaly
By Rachel Cernanksy

No Men Allowed!
The Satya Interview with Rebecca Lolosoli

Elephant Walk
By Mia MacDonald

Great Dame
The Satya Interview with Gretchen Wyler

Undercover for the Animals
The Satya Interview with “Pete” the Undercover Investigator

Every Chicken’s Hero
The Satya Interview with Christine Morrissey

Down on the Farm with Mayfly, Zoop, Phoebe and Friends
The Satya Interview with Susie Coston

From Goat Farmer to Sanctuary Founder
By Cheri Ezell-Vandersluis

Photo Essay by Tim Rusmisel

Primarily Politics
By Sangamithra Iyer

Chimpanzee Travels—The Journey of the OSU Primates

Altered Reality
The Satya Interview with Jayne Hinds Bidaut

Animal Tracts: Changing Lives One Leaflet at a Time
By Mark Hawthorne

Holdin’ Out for a Hero…
The Satya Interview with Louie Gedo

The Power of One Pamphlet
By Miyun Park

Young and Motivated: Creating an Army of Advocates
The Satya Interview with Nathan Runkle

The A-ha! Moment: Coming of Age in a Concert Hall
By Lee Hall

Mom and Me
By Robin Henderson

A-ha! Moments that Changed My Life
By Teresa D’Amico

Animals on the Airwaves
The Satya Interview with Lauren Corman
By Brandy Humes

We Like It!

Due Diligence
By Harold Brown

Bizarro by Dan Piraro

Taking It All In
By Colleen Patrick-Goudreau

Beyond Despair
By Pattrice Jones

Featured Artist: The Skipping Rope
By Monkeys with Crayons Designs

The Answer is…
By Maureen C. Wyse

Vegan Culinary Activism in 10 Yummy Steps
By Isa Chandra Moskowitz

Everything But the (Veggie) Hot Dog Roller: Portland’s All-Vegan Grocery
The Satya Interview with Chad Miller

Spitting it Out!
The Satya Interview with Charles Wilson

One for the Road
Recipes by Joshua Ploeg

Even Monsters Can Cook
Cookbook Review by Maureen C. Wyse

Critter Yearbook