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May 2006

Nov 2005 cover
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Editorial: Real Love is Made in China By Maureen C. Wyse
A reflection on rubber duckies, consumption and love


It’s Not That Gross! Freeganism and the Art of Dumpster Diving
The Satya Interview with Adam Weissman
Exploring politically minded garbage pickers, gathering everything from furniture to books to food from the curb

Uncovering the Hidden Life of Garbage
The Satya Interview with Heather Rogers
Built-in obsolescence and the birth of a society of discards

Re-Engineering Waste
By Sangamithra Iyer
Landfill lingo from liners to leachate

Trash Talk
The Satya Interview with Elizabeth Royte

An Adventure in Trash
Book Review by Kymberlie Adams Matthews
One woman’s journey following her own refuse across the country

Waste and Citizenship: What an Individual Can Do About the Garbage Problem
By Samantha MacBride
Exploring the forces that make wastes and toxics an inescapable part of our daily lives

Reaching for Zero
The Satya Interview with Timothy Logan
Striving for a zero-waste NYC

Ways to Reuse City Refuse
By Kymberlie Adams Matthews
The give and take of city living

Grease Power!
The Satya Interview with Brent “Arrow” Baker
Tri-State Biodiesel is coming to Brooklyn!

Taking Out the Trash
By Deenah Vollmer
An alternative spring break cleaning up a post-Katrina New Orleans

Recycle This!
The Satya Interview with Cathryn Swan and Christina J. Salvi

Recycling Tips from Recycle This!
By Christina J. Salvi
A grassroots vision for a more sustainable NYC

Gotta Swap
The Satya Interview with Wendy Tremayne
The mama of Swap-O-Rama-Rama

Making a Fashion Statement
Book Review by Olivia Lane
Transforming t-shirts from shabby to chic with Generation T

Waste Not Want Not
By Latham Thomas
Tackling the environmental consequences of eating

Truth Against Trash
By Pattrice Jones
From rehabbing stray cats to child soldiers, reclaiming value in societal discards

A Springtime Meal
Recipe by Louisa Shafia
Spotlighting nori rolls using beautiful salad greens and sprouts that are now reappearing with the warmer weather

Chopping at the Roots of Exploitation
By Monica Engebretson
Examining Indonesia’s egregious exploitation of forests and wildlife

The Ag Class Hypocrisy
By Mark Hawthorne
Questioning the raising of animals for slaughter on public school grounds

By Dan Piraro





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