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May 2006
A Springtime Meal
Recipe by Louisa Shafia

Spring is finally here! And it’s been a long time since local produce has been abundant. I’m ready for mornings of wandering the farmer’s market and finding I’m still there an hour later, having once again been seduced by baby vegetables, fresh berries, endless varieties of leafy greens, and bundles of aromatic herbs bursting their bodices. Did I say that? I got carried away by the sensuality of it all.

This recipe spotlights the beautiful salad greens and sprouts that are now reappearing with the warmer weather. There is a huge array of greens at farmers markets right now, choose one that you like or make a mix.

The macadamia spread must be made in advance, but after that this snack can be thrown together in two minutes. These rolls are nice enough to serve for entertaining: they’re full of dramatic color and distinct flavors, and the spread gives them a satisfying richness. They are best eaten within a few minutes of rolling.

Nori Rolls with Creamy Macadamia Spread and Fresh Greens
4 C. Raw Macadamia Nuts
3⁄4 C. Water
4 t. Miso Paste
Salt and Ground Black Pepper
3 T. Olive Oil
1 T. Nutritional Yeast
2 C. Greens, such as Pea Shoots, Sprouts or Arugula, cleaned, dried and roughly chopped
2 Scallions, sliced into 2-inch lengths
1 C. Radishes, sliced into sticks
10 Nori Sheets
Creamy Macadamia Spread

1. Soak nuts in water overnight, then drain and rinse.

2. Process the nuts, water and miso paste in a food processor until mixture is smooth.

3. Spoon the mixture onto a cheesecloth, tie and place in a strainer over a bowl. Place a weight on top of the mixture, and let sit unrefrigerated for 10 hours.

4. Using a spatula, scrape the mixture into a large bowl.

5. Add 2 tablespoons of olive oil, nutritional yeast, and salt and pepper to taste.

6. Optional: Add chopped fresh herbs, garlic, or organic lemon zest. Stir to combine.

Makes 3 1/4 cups of spread.

Nori Rolls

1. Place a sheet of nori on a sushi mat, shiny side down, lining up the edge of the nori sheet with the edge of the mat closest to you.

2. Place greens, scallions, and radishes in a large bowl, and toss with 1 tablespoon of olive oil and a dash of ground pepper.

3. Starting an inch from the edge closest to you, gently spread 3 tablespoons of the blended nuts on the nori sheet. At the opposite end, spread about 2 teaspoons—this will help seal the seam of the roll.

4. Take a small handful of the greens and place them on top of the spread at the end closest to you, then roll as you would a traditional nori roll and place seam side down. This won’t be as tight as a rice-filled roll, but it will hold together firmly. Don’t worry if a few greens or vegetables are peeking out of the ends, I think it looks attractive.

5. Using a sharp knife, slice the roll diagonally into 3 pieces and eat.

Makes 10 rolls with extra macadamia spread left over. Suggested dipping sauce: whisk together olive oil, lemon juice and crushed garlic.

Louisa Shafia is a cooking instructor, private chef and caterer with her company, Lucid Food catering. She is currently getting her Master Composter certification through the Brooklyn Botanic Garden. To learn more, visit

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