Nov 01: Releasing Muscle-Bound Memories

By David Drier Only through your body do you experience your life and your being in the world. —Alexander Lowen, M.D. In dealing with the awful events of September 11th, an often unexplored avenue for therapeutic release is the use of deep bodywork and other body-psychotherapy approaches. Because all of the events in our lives … Read more

Satya: November 2001: A Time to Heal

  Editorial: Who’s the Terrorist? By Catherine Clyne Doves and War Drums: Strong Words on Nonviolence The Satya Interview with Colman McCarthy Conscientious Objections The Satya Interview with Joanne Sheehan Releasing Muscle-Bound Memories By David Drier The Healer Within By Marilyn Mendez Ladner A Time to HealÂ…a Time to Dance? By Diane Horbacewicz Learning to … Read more