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November 2006
Vegan Buddies: Friends for Life!
By Claudia Tarry and Olivia Lane


We’ve all seen the bumper sticker: “Friends Don’t Let Friends Eat Meat.” Well the folks at Viva!USA are bringing the motto to life via the Vegan Buddies Project.

The Vegan Buddies Project strives to cultivate the compassion that exists in everyone by giving folks all the resources they need to go vegan. Those of us who are already vegan know that one of the most valuable resources is a friend—a friend to tip you off as to which is the best soy ice cream, where to find stylish non-leather shoes and, most importantly, how the heck to make tofu taste good.

We know there are compassionate lacto-ovo-vegetarians and carnivores out there who are ripe and ready for “converting.” But they are floundering in a sea of animal-eaters and can’t quite manage to kick the meat/egg/dairy habit on their own. Well, the Vegan Buddies Project is here to help lure people into the wonderful world of veganism.

To join Viva!USA in making this life-saving project work, become a participant. If you’re vegan, sign up to be a mentor and we will pair you up with an aspiring vegan in your area. As a mentor, you will answer questions, offer moral support and show the newbies how fun, easy, healthy and cool it is to be vegan.

If you are a lacto-ovo vegetarian or meat-eater, drop us a line with your info and location and we’ll hook you up with a Vegan Buddy who will help you transition into a more compassionate, ethical and healthy lifestyle. The opportunities are limitless!

For more information on the Vegan Buddies Project or to sign up, email, call (212) 989-VIVA or visit