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November 2006
Giving Thanks For Veggie Restaurant Expansion

By Maureen C. Wyse

When examining the restaurant choices in New York City the only word that comes to mind is spoiled. It seems like I cannot walk a few New York avenues without running into a veg restaurant. You name the fare and we’ve got it. Everything you dreamed you would never find the vegan version of you’ll find in NYC. Pizza, chicken wings, soft serve, crepes, cheesecake, cheese steak, scramble, cupcakes, nachos, ice cream sandwiches, sticky buns, chicken parmesan … do I have you drooling yet? And while I spend a great deal of my time talking about food, NYC gives me those bragging rights.

When people bite into a mock meat dish or a stunningly perfect slice of cheesecake, they’re wowed. I am thankful for being able to introduce people to veganism via their taste buds. And because one of the most common reasons people eat meat is out of convenience, New York’s variety of vegetarian restaurants gives ’em a run for their money.

Now I could stop here, but I must also express thanks to the recent expansion of veggie restaurants. My hat is off to those restaurants investing the time and capital into extending their excellent fare to feed even more New Yorkers and open more minds and palates to vegetarianism. Thanks for continuing to make New York a vegetarian heaven.


Every vegetarian’s go-to place for all day delicious eats. Their regular menu has expanded to include more vegan sandwiches, crepes, salads and soups. Atlas also carries the largest selection of Vegan Treats delectable desserts as well as vanilla soft serve frozen tofu with your choice of mix-ins. They are now introducing: Little Atlas, an absolute gift to New York City. A small hole in the wall near the NYU campus, this is the perfect quick stop café for your favorite Atlas eats and treats.
Manhatttan: 73 2 Ave (btn 4 and 5 Sts), (212) 539-0966.
New Manhattan Location: 6 W 4 St, (btn Bway and Mercer), (212) 253-5535.


Our extraordinary vegan fast food joint is going to show Manhattan what real soy milk shakes, chicken wings, and Vegan Heart Attack Burgers are all about. After two and half years of serving unbeatably delicious and greasy vegan eats, Foodswings is expanding to the big city. Manhattanites rejoice! No more riding the L train for midnight munchies, and an even quicker way to convert your fellow city dwellers. No one can turn down their Chicken Caesar Sub Sandwich or their Tank Shake with chocolate ice cream, cookies and peanut butter.

Brooklyn: 295 Grand St, (btn Roebling and Havemeyer), Williamsburg, (718) 388-1919.
New Manhattan Location: Lower East Side (Stay tuned for exact location)

Kate’s Joint
New York’s famous vegetarian diner complete with a full menu, brunch and favorites like the Un-Turkey Club sandwich, Disco Fries, Buffalo Un-Chicken Wings and old fashioned diner coffee served in cream colored ceramic mugs, has recently opened a small café in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Brooklynites are lucky to have this staple comfort food joint right around the corner.
Manhattan: 58 Ave B, (btn 4 and 5 Sts), (212) 777-7059.
New Brooklyn Location: 295 Berry St at S 3 St, Williamsburg, (718) 218-7167.

Red Bamboo
Everyone’s favorite veg show off spot has expanded to Brooklyn, and with flying colors. With the same delicious favorites like their Creole Soul Chicken, Cajun Fried Shrimp and Barbecue Buffalo Wings, Red Bamboo Brooklyn spices things up with a full bar, upstairs lounge, outside seating area and weekend brunch. Also, keep in mind this restaurant has high hopes to go beyond the Big Apple, so non-New Yorkers, keep your eyes peeled.
Manhattan: 140 W 4 St, (btn MacDougal and 6 Ave), (212) 260-7049,
New Brooklyn Location: 271 Adelphi St, (Corner of DeKalb Ave) Fort Greene, (718) 643-4806,

Wild Ginger
With delicious Asian vegetarian fare, Wild Ginger serves up some of the best mock meat dishes we’ve ever had, like their Black Pepper Seitan with Chinese Broccoli and their Sesame Sweet and Sour Soy Protein. The perfect place for veggie dates, Wild Ginger has hopped on the hipster train adding a Williamsburg location, sure to delight all Brooklynites.
Manhattan: 380 Broome St, (btn Mott and Mulberry Sts), (212) 966-1883.
New Brooklyn Location: 212 Bedford Ave, (btn N 6 and 5 Sts), Williamsburg.

What else could I be thankful for? I am never more than a 10 minute walk or train ride from a veggie restaurant I love. Thank you to veggie franchising, for making it even easier to avoid the consumption of animals in this big vegan city I call home.