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November 2006
What We’re Up Against: Who’s Behind the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act


A powerful, broad-reaching coalition of animal enterprises is pushing the AETA with all their might. The following list of supporters compiled by Fur Commission USA represents what we’re up against. They have major pull in Washington, DC. It’s time for environmental, social justice and animal advocates to get informed and get active.

As of October 2, the following groups had formally pledged support for the AETA:

Agribusiness Assn. of Iowa

Alabama Livestock Markets Assn.

Allegheny Forest Alliance

Alliance of Marine Mammal Parks & Aquariums

American Agri-Women

American Assn. for the Advance- ment of Science

American Assoc. of Bovine

American Assn. of Swine

American Assn. of Veterinary Medical Colleges

American Farmers and Ranchers

American Feed Industry

Assn.American Horse Council

American Land Rights

Assn.American Legend Cooperative

American Meat Institute

American Mink Council

American Pet Products
Manufacturers Assn.

American Physiological Society

American Sheep Industry Assn.

American Veal Assn.

Animal Agriculture Alliance

Animal Health Institute

Assoc. of West Virginia Livestock Auction Markets

Biotechnology Industry Organization

California Aquaculture Assn.

California Farm Bureau

California Forestry Assn.

California Grain and Feed

California Poultry Federation

Communities for a Great

Concerned Alaskans for
Resources & Environment

Conservative Ag Lobbying

Dairy Business Assn.

Dog Federation of Wisconsin

Farm Animal Welfare Coalition

Far West Agribusiness Assn.

Federation of Animal Science Societies

Florida Assn. of Livestock Markets

Florida Fertilizer and Agrichemical Assn.

Friends in Dog Ownership (FIDO)

Friends of Rodeo

Fur Breeders Agricultural Co- Operative

Fur Commission USA

Fur Information Council of America

Georgia Livestock Markets Assn.

Grain & Feed Assn. of Illinois

Greater Fur New York Assn.

Illinois Pork Producers Assn.

Indiana Grain & Feed Assn.

Indiana Pork Advocacy Coalition

International Committee for
Veal Welfare

International Marine Trainers Assn.

Iowa Pork Producers Council

Kansas Agribusiness Retailers Assn.

Kansas Dairy Assn.

Kansas Grain and Feed Assn.

Kansas Livestock Assn.

Kentucky Livestock Auction Assn.

Livestock Marketing Assn.

Louisiana Forestry Assn.

Michigan Agri-Business Assn.
Michigan Bio-Economy

Michigan Pork Producers Assn.

Minnesota Agri-Growth Council

Mississippi Livestock Markets Assn.

National Animal Interest Alliance

National Animal Interest
Alliance Trust

National Cattlemen’s Beef Assn.

National Chicken Council

National Grain and Feed Assn.

National Livestock Producers Assn.

National Meat Assn.

National Mink Producers

National Pork Producers Council

National Renderers Assn.

National Trappers Assn.

National Turkey Federation

Nebraska Grain and Feed Assn.

Nebraska Pork Producers Assn.

North American Fur Auctions

North American Meat
Processors Assn.

N. Carolina Livestock Auction Markets Assn.

Northeast Ag and Feed Alliance

Northwest Farm Food Coop

Ohio Agribusiness Assn.

Ohio Cattlemen’s Assn.

Ohio Pork Producers

Oklahoma Cattlemen’s Assn.

Oklahoma Farmers Union

Oklahoma Grain & Feed Assn.

Oklahoma Livestock Marketing Assn.

Oklahoma Pork Council

Olympic Fur Breeders Assn.

Organization of Professional Aviculturists
Pacific Coast Renderers Assn.

Pacific Egg & Poultry Assn.

Pennsylvania Forest Industry Assn.

Pennsylvania Livestock Markets Assn.

Pet Food Institute

Phoenix Exotic Wildlife Assn.

Professional Rodeo Cowboys Assn.

Property Rights Foundation of America

South Carolina Livestock Markets Assn.

South Carolina Pork Producers

South Dakota Pork Producers Council

Southwest Meat Assn.

Sportsmen’s & Animal Owners’ Voting Alliance

Take Back Pennsylvania

Tennessee Livestock Markets Assn.

Texas Cattle Feeders Assn.

Texas Grain & Feed Assn.

Texas Pork Producers Assn.

United Egg Producers

University of California

Utah Pork Producers

Veal USA

Virginia Livestock Markets Assn.

Virginians for Property Rights

Virginia Hunting Dog Owners’ Assn.

Virginia Pork Producers

Wisconsin Agri-Service Assn.

Wisconsin Farm Bureau

Wisconsin Pork Assn.

Wisconsin Veal Growers Assn.

Wisconsin Veterinary Medical Assn.

Yannis Furs Inc. (Great Neck, NY)