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March 2007


Thanks from Behind the Bars—A Jail Mail Excerpt
Due to the overwhelming amount of support I have received from newfound friends around the world, I am, for the time being, severely limited by time and finances from personally responding to everyone individually. I have received letters from well over 300 different people in the first month of incarceration, and from many of you, multiple missives. This outpouring of support has been a lifesaver and has served as my crutch when feeling emotionally or mentally strained. Thank you!

All in all I’m doing okay and this is in no small part due to your constant letters. I also appreciate how many of you have taken to supporting my family, especially my doggies. Words cannot begin to describe how grateful I am for everything you’ve all done, and trust me, I am keeping a list of everyone who’s been a friend so I can send you an invitation to my early-release party hopefully coming soon!

Kevin Kjonaas

Standing Up For Cage-Free
Last issue’s article, [“Truthiness is Stranger Than Fiction: The Hidden Cost of Selling the Public on ‘Cage-Free’ Eggs” by James LaVeck, February 2007], criticizing the effort to ban battery cages argued that it’s an overstatement to call most cage-free eggs “cruelty-free,” a position with which I agree. That said, it is also misleading to imply that birds aren’t immensely better off out of cages than confined in them.

We shouldn’t let the perfect be the enemy of the good, which is what we do when we oppose efforts to ban the most egregious factory farming cruelties.

Lamenting the anti-battery cage campaign, the president of the United Egg Producers declared that, “It is imperative that animal agriculture look beyond 2007 and recognize we are at war.” Even more, the egg industry’s spokesperson described HSUS’s anti-battery cage campaign as the “biggest problem facing the industry.”

Because of this campaign, factory farming interests see themselves “at war” with us. I agree with the conclusion of LaVeck’s article that each of us will be guided by our own conscience as to where we stand. I want an end to farm animal cruelty as much as anyone, but I am also not willing to allow millions of animals who we all know with certainty will be used in the next few years to endure worse cruelty than they have to.

Paul Shapiro
The Humane Society of the United States


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