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March 2006
A Grumble in the Bronx
By Sangamithra Iyer


Artist rendering of a future project of Sustainable South Bronx

Being in close proximity to waste transfer stations, sewage treatment plants and all the diesel fumes from trucking in NYC’s goods, the Bronx in many ways is under attack. But like the borough itself, Bronx activists are tough, lively and fighting hard for a just and greener borough.

Sustainable South Bronx
Check out SSBX’s Green the Ghetto Toxic Tour and you’ll see the South Bronx is tired of getting dumped on. SSBX is about just that—a sustainable South Bronx. Addressing water, waste, energy and transportation issues, SSBX seeks to create environmentally just and community-based policy and planning initiatives. 890 Garrison Avenue, 4th Floor,

Nos Quedamos-We Stay
In the late 1980s, when the city announced a huge urban renewal project for the Melrose section of the Bronx, residents united and formed Nos Quedamos to have a voice and a place in the reshaping of their community. Their plan called for affordability, density, open space, and brownfields clean-up. In a city where development and renewal are often synonymous with displacement and gentrification, Nos Quedamos offers a refreshing alternative. By building on the lessons learned from Melrose, Nos Quedamos helps empower local communities and encourages environmentally, economically and culturally sustainable growth. 811 Courtlandt Avenue,

The Point Community Development Program
Celebrating youth and culture, the Point encourages arts, local enterprise, environmental stewardship and self-investment in the Hunts Point community. Be sure to check out their lively events calendar and drop in on their mambo to hip-hop tours honoring the music and dance of the South Bronx. 940 Garrison Avenue,

Friends of Brook Park
As a coalition of residents, business owners, parents and educators, Friends of Brook Park is dedicated to revitalizing green open space and promoting public waterfront access in the South Bronx. They work with local schools and literacy projects and are part of the Eat Well, Play Hard community gardening program that provides organic vegetables to the needy. 141st Street and Brook Avenue,

Locally Grown Food
Poor access to quality affordable food is a huge issue in the Bronx with diabetes and obesity lurking everywhere. Thank goodness for the increase in farmers markets and community supported agriculture in the borough. See



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