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December 2006/January 2007
Featured Artist
Robert Shetterly’s Americans Who Tell the Truth

Americans Who Tell the Truth is a traveling collection of paintings by artist Robert Shetterly. Shetterly composed portraits with quotes scratched into the surface of the paintings from courageous Americans past and present, men and women, old and young, who have dared to tell the truth.

The first 50 portraits were compiled into a book published by Dutton, which won the 2006 award of the International Reading Association for intermediate non-fiction, and was named 2006 Notable Social Studies Trade Book for Young People by the Children’s Book Council. A free curriculum for educators was created to incorporate this book into their teaching of American history.

The following is a sampling of Robert Shetterly’s portraits of contemporary truth tellers speaking out on civil rights, women’s rights, the environment, peace and justice.

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